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Promoters Guide

The Rick Case Arena Box Office is located in the East Lobby of the building and is fully ADA accessible. The regular box office hours vary based on event activity. Ticketmaster is the exclusive ticketing service to the University Center Arena.

West End Stage
Max Capacity – 4570 (contingent upon stage size and production)
Floor level – 700
Lower Level – 896
Club - 66
Upper Level – 2814
ADA - 94

North Side Stage (Half House)
Max Capacity - 2468
Floor Level – 500
Lower Level – 448
Club - 66
Upper Level – 1407
ADA - 47

Max Capacity – 3870
Lower Level – 896
Club - 66
Upper Level – 2814
ADA – 94

Theater Style West Stage (Lower Bowl Only)
Max Capacity – 1756 (contingent upon stage size and production)
Floor – 700
Lower Level – 896
Club – 66
ADA – 94

Center Stage (In the Round/Boxing)
Max Capacity 4570 (contingent upon stage size and production)
Floor – 700
Lower Level – 896
Club – 66
Upper Level – 2814
ADA - 94

The following items are not permitted in the arena:

  • Coolers
  • Weapons of any type
  • Outside Food and Beverages
  • Fireworks
  • Noise Makers/Air Horns
  • Pets
  • Illegal Substances
  • Bottles
  • Large Bags - Event specific
  • Laser Products
  • Strollers - Event specific
  • Cameras or Recording Devices - Event specific
  • Helium balloons

There are 4 locker rooms of various configurations available for use as dressing rooms.  All locker rooms include showers, bathrooms, sinks and individual lockers.

There are 2 multipurpose rooms that can be used for production/hospitality with power, wireless internet access, and phone lines available upon request.

The arena has 3 permanent concession stands to service any crowd size.

(1)600amp 3 phase 15’ from the stage
(2)200amp 3 phase 15’ from the stage (one service has an isolated ground for audio)
(2)200amp 3 phase-located on exterior of loading dock

Arena Lighting
Non-Dimmable Halide/Incandescent Sports Lighting
TV Lighting 48 candlesticks

Theatrical Lighting
(1) C21 Dimmer rack with 96-circuits
(1) Series 300 control console w/250-channels
(6) Locations of distributed DMX/Ethernet outputs
(1) DMX/Ethernet distribution rack w/4-SN110 nodes
(20) SL series 10-degree ellipsoidal spotlights
(24) SL series 5-degree ellipsoidal spotlights
(4) 1200w HMI Lycian Superstar followspots
Size B Pattern holders

Yamaha Digital Console Controlling 3 separate PA sound systems but can be room combined for full Arena.  
16 EAW Cabinets and a West End Cluster
4 wireless microphones
12 channel portable Mackey Mixer
Open Low Steel is located 67’ feet above the arena floor.
There are a total of 68 rigging points each with a load capacity of 2000lbs.
West End Stage has the capacity to support 32,000 lbs uniformly distributed.
North Side Stage has the capacity to support 48,000 lbs uniformly distributed.
Ceiling Grid is equipped with an Evans Corp. Installed Fall Arrest System

In compliance with N.F.P.A. life safety code 101, the licensee must not:

  • Obstruct any entrances or exits in the arena
  • Obstruct any stairways, hallways, or access within the arena
  • Obstruct any sidewalks or roadways outside arena

The public entrances of the arena must not be used for loading or unloading purposes.

There are two elevators located in the east lobby of the arena. Both elevators travel from the main lobby to the second floor lobby of the arena. 
There is also a freight elevator located near the loading dock. This elevator has 5 ft wide by 8 ft tall opening and a depth of 8ft. 11in.

The Loading Dock is located on the North West Corner of the building and is accessible via the College Ave Entrance and has two bays.  One bay is a ramp and the second is a dock with a leveler.  The loading dock has direct access to the event floor. 

Loading dock doors are

Freight Door 10’W X 15’H

*Please bring a ramp for easy load in/load out.

Stage Right 60’ X 40’ Fold & Set with 12’ X 24’ Sound Wings.  Adjustable height from 48” to 78”
Reversible Decks (Black Tech Stage or Grey Carpet) 
4 Stair units
Wheel Chair Lift
Stage can support 125lbs PSF
(6) 6’ X 8’ Risers adjustable height 16” – 24” reversible decks with 2 stair units
Pipe & Drape – 100’ Black Velour (8’ High)

*Please bring a ramp for easy load in/load out.

128’x73’ Connors Portable Basketball Floor.   Weight Restriction for portable floor is 400lbs PSF for area loads.

(70) 8’ sections of outdoor crowd barricades
(70) Beltrac retractable stanchions

For all catering needs please contact Chartwells at (954) 262-5345.

(3)Women's (3) Men's and 2 Family Restrooms that service the arena
(1) Women's (1) Men's and (1) Family restroom services the box office lobby

There are diaper changing stations located in each of the men's and woman's restrooms.

All Bathrooms are ADA compliant.

The public parking garage is located on Ray Ferraro Jr. Blvd. off of 30th Street, approximately 150 yards from the North Entrance to the Arena. There are a total of 800 spaces. Broward County rate is $1 per hour on first floor. 2-4th floor is special event parking specific to the event. Please make note of your parking space number and pay in advance at one of the meters located near the elevator in the southeast corner of the garage.

Fork Lift:  available upon request
Giraffe/Boom/Scissor Lift:  Rental Item

(4) Wall mounted Daktronics Scoreboards servicing the main court
(2) Shot clocks for basketball
(3) Control Consoles
(2) 2 Wall mounted Daktronics Scoreboards, one in each practice court each with its own control console. 


View our calendar for availabile dates

* Subject to change. Please check with our office for actual dates.

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